You have reached the online home of Helen Johnson.  I am a poet/researcher available for research and creative consultancy work, project evaluation, poetry performances, event organisation, public speaking, and performance poetry workshops (adults and children).  To explore my various social scientific, educational and artistic dimensions please click on one of the tabs above.  Alternatively, for two-way interaction, please e-mail me.

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  • An article of mine has recently been translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian journal 'Revista Terceira Margem.' You can read the article here.
  • I was recently awarded funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, working with partners including Owen Evans, Nick Ewbank, Norma Daykin, Louise Mansfield and Sonia Contera to develop an International Everyday Creativity Network. You can find out more about the Network, our events and other work here and join our everyday creativity email discussion list here.
  • Ten years ago I wrote a chapter on the history of youth slam and spoken word in the U.K. The chapter never made it into the book for which it was written and it lay in my virtual filing cabinet alone and forgotten (sniff). Recently, I was looking through my files for a talk I'm writing on the topic, when I came across the paper. Despite its age, I feel it still has something to contribute to the field, so I'm putting it up here. Feel free to read and share, but please cite this as its place of publication.
  • I am pleased to have a chapter on collaborative poetics in a text on performative social science edited by the late, great Kip Jones.  


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